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    Issued Date: 10/02/2011

    Choosing The Type of Toilet Suite To Suit Your Bathroom Style

    Choosing a toilet for your new bathroom need not be a daunting process. There are several different toilet styles and designs available to suit all installation types and bathroom styles. My Caroma makes it easy to choose a toilet or toilet suite for your bathroom.

    Bathroom Toilets - Concealed Toilet Suites

    These bathroom toilets are the latest in European design and the preference in modern Australian bathrooms. With this toilet, the inwall cistern is fitted into the Structural slab wall cavity with access to service the cistern via a cover panel. The Invisi inwall cistern fits into a wall cavity of 95mm and is available in single or dual flush. Flushing buttons can be up to 4 metres from the cisterns when connected to an extended neumatic tube. When an S-trap waste outlet is concealed in the wall, cavity width must be 150mm.

    Bathroom Toilets - Close Coupled Toilet Suites

    Close Coupled Toilet Suite
    These bathroom toilets are suites where the pan and the cistern are usually joined together with the flush pipe concealed. The majority of Caroma products are close-coupled in either vitreous china or plastic cistern versions.



    Bathroom Toilets - Wall Faced Toilet Suites

    Wall Faced Toilet Suite
    Similar to a close coupled suite, a wall faced suite features a pan which can be installed with the back face of the pan fitting directly against the finished wall. Wall faced pans are used widely for commercial and up market domestic applications offering ease of cleaning and improved design.



    Bathroom Toilets - Connector Toilet Suites

    Connector Toilet Suite
    Connector suites feature a cistern which is connected to the pan with the normal flush pipe assembly. A plastic bridging connector plate is fitted to conceal the flush pipe which is cut to size with the flush pipe for varying pan setouts. Gives the appearance of a close-coupled suite but provides flexibility regarding setouts. Available for both vitreous china and plastic cisterns.




    Choosing The Type of Toilet Pan To Suit Your Bathroom Set-out

    After selection your style of toilet it is important to choose the correct pan option to suit your set-out and plumbing requirements.

    In Australia there are normally four trap versions of each pan model – Either S-trap, P-trap, Skew trap or Universal Trap (can be installed as either an S or P trap).

    Caroma 4.5/3 litre pans are manufactured in vitreous china to comply with Australian Standard AS 1172.1–1993 and are of the wash down type which are more water efficient than various types of pans used in other areas of the world. Wash down pans are the normal type pans used in Australia and throughout Europe.

    Toilet Pans - S-Trap Toilet Pans 


    S-trap version pans are the highest volume installed in Australia. The pan is easily identified with the outlet spigot of the trap connecting directly into a floor mounted pan collar.


    Toilet Pans - P-Trap Toilet Pans


    P-trap version pans have either a horizontal or angled outlet spigot which connects directly into a pan collar mounted on the wall.


    Toilet Pans - Skew Trap Toilet Pans


    Skew trap version pans are available in left and right hand models with a horizontal or angled outlet spigot which is offset at 90° which connects directly into a pan collar mounted on a side wall. The range of Caroma skew trap pans is limited to the Concorde pan and the Profile Skew close-coupled pan. Identification of whether left or right hand skew is when facing the pan from the front.